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New Roofing/Repair Work

At HD Roofing Services we use only the highest quality materials to undertake any roofing job.

We have extensive knowledge of the many materials available on the market and can assist and advise you on making the necessary decisions to ensure you get the best quality to suit your budget.

We are constantly familiarising ourselves with new products on the market to ensure we are always one step ahead of our competitors.

All repair works are carried out in the correct manner with non of the short cuts used by other contractors.

We do not rely on any type of adhesives when fixing tiles or slates and use only secret nailing and hooking techniques to eliminate future recurrences.

When re-bedding or pointing ridge tiles we ensure all mortar is matched to the roofing material and looks like new rather than repaired.

Introducing Flexipoint...

HD Roofing Services are the first Irish accredited users of the UK manufactured Flexipoint, and now delighted to be Ireland's sole distributer of this fantastic product!

Visit or click on the link above for more info or to purchase flexipoint.

Flexipoint is a unique, flexible pointing compound which is designed to flex with roof structures. It is a premixed, pre-coloured alternative to the outdated sand and cement Ridge, Valley and Verge pointing technique.

This amazing new product offers home and business owners peace of mind whatever the climate. 

Flexipoint - the Roof Repair Compound that DOESN'T CRACK

Roofs flex with varying temperatures -- Roofs flex with the weight of snow and also rain being absorbed and evaporating - traditional mortar cracks , we guarantee FlexiPoint will not crack for at leas...

Right- Image showing re-repair by

HD Roofing Services.

Left- Image showing repair job done to ridging by another Roofing Contractor.